Jessica Wilde

Jessica Wilde’s upcoming debut EP, which features first single ‘Cry For Me’ is a beautiful clash of classic chic and attitude. The young, Brixtonian chanteuse has been connecting with audiences and musical peers alike, through her new wave soul, blended with street savvy defiance. It’s a stunning culture clash that reflects her upbringing; brought up on her St Helenian mother’s obsession with jazz and soul, whilst at the same time, soaking up hip hop and brashness from the Brixton streets.

When her mother was acting in the US stage production of George Orwell’s 1984, Jessica saw the opportunity and boarded the flight with her. Determined to start her musical journey, the lights of LA were calling.  Barely scraping enough money together to live, from braiding hair on Venice Beach, manning a henna tattoo stall, and painting skateboards, she knew her song writing skills were far superior to her entrepreneurial dexterity.

Jessica has already established herself as a creatively relevant song writer and artist, having worked with luminaries from Ghetts to Tough Love. Indeed, her co-write with Rudimental, ‘More Than Anything’ featured vocals from Emilie Sande and made their album. However, the road to her own place in the spotlight has been treacherous, both metaphorically and literally!

A handful of songs and a headful of ambition, Jessica was enroute to Ne-Yo’s Hollywood studio to record her debut tracks with producer Kizzo (Ne-Yo, Afrojack). In an Uber to the studio, the car smashed into on oncoming vehicle at high speed, both being launched off the side of the road. With alarms sounding, and air bags fully inflated, the driver turned around to Jess and shouted ‘Get out, I’m not insured. Please, just run’. Confused and dazed, she nonchalantly clambered out of the car, and not knowing what to do, think, or say, she simply carried on to the studio. It’s the kind of other-worldly bravado, strength and guts that shines from the record she went on to create. Fortuitously, that recording session was a defining moment in the Jessica Wilde story, a story which could already fill several volumes. Three months in LA, and several purposefully missed flights later, Jessica Wilde returned to London with the recordings, ready to showcase herself and her music to the world.